Problems With Creationism As Science

Science and social progress tend to cause friction with organized religion. And when science and religion disagree by 4.5 billion years, it’s going to be difficult to find middle ground. Creationism holds that the earth is around 6,000 years old, whereas most scientists agree that the earth is 4.5 billion […]

Talking Honestly to Kids about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

We are honest with our kids, but we are also age-appropriate. I tend to explain things at a higher level than I think the kids will understand. This way, I can explain things in a way that is easiest for me. What I’ve found is they understand what I’m saying, […]

Problems With Truth and Religion

Neither my husband nor I believe in a deity. The Honesty Thing already makes our family quite different from our extended family and some of our friends, and not being Christian enlarges that gap a bit. We have explained religion to our children on an age-appropriate basis from time to […]

Honesty in a Marriage or Relationship

The relationship that my husband and I share is also based upon a policy of honesty. It really was a bit difficult at the beginning, because courtship is a complicated balance of getting to know a person and trying not to scare them off. We benefited from having known each […]

About The Honesty Thing

We have all had our share of manipulative, drama-filled friendships and relationships. We at The Honesty Thing have learned that honest relationships with others are possible, desirable, and easier than you might think. We disagree with the expectation to lie to our spouses, friends, and family. Relationships can thrive without […]